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Nutrition for Women

Hello, I'm Julianne

Do you feel like you are the BOSS in almost every aspect of your life except your hormones? Are you struggling with the symptoms of irregular. painful periods, low libido, hormonal weight gain or fertility issues? Do you have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), Endometriosis, post-partum problems or other hormone imbalances and you just don't have the time or energy to research evidence based, natural solutions to your issues? Maybe you are simply confused by all the conflicting information out there or you just don't know who to trust? Many of these symptoms are common but not normal and easily remedied with nutrition.

Lucky for you, this is my area of expertise and the great news is… I can help

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My Story

My journey with nutrition started very young. I did not have a good relationship with food growing up and was hyper focused on “eating healthy and exercising”. I was nutrient deficient meticulously counting every calorie and once of fat I ate. Little did I know, I was the not eating enough food  and over exercising, which made my hormonal issues worse(ugh).  I was totally burnt out, living a high stress busy lifestyle and had the hormonal imbalances to prove it. I struggled with PMS for what seamed like FOREVER. It disrupted my life on a monthly basis and my mood swings and cravings were out of control. I would cry at absolutely everything and I was tired, constantly bloated was struggling with terrible IBS and ovarian cysts. I was literally a hot mess. 


Things went from bad to worse: I was rushed to the hospital when one of my ovarian cysts burst, It was extremely painful, I was bleeding internally and it forced me to be bedridden for weeks. I had to stop and take a hard look at my life and make some drastic changes. 


I went to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist so I could get to the bottom of my own health issues and help others struggling with similar concerns. I have a passion for women's hormonal health especially helping those with horrific PMS, PMDD, Endometriosis and PCOS symptoms. The understand that the conventional medical community has left women feeling unheard and told to “just take the birth control pill” for their hormonal symptoms. I feel every woman needs someone on their side who genuinely listens to their concerns and is actively committed to helping them. 


As a Holistic Nutritionist, I see my clients virtually from the comfort of their home one-on-one and in group programs. I look at each person on an individual basis, explore their complete health history including diet, lifestyle habits and mindset. My goal is to uncover and address with treatment the root cause of an issue. Holistic health focuses on you as a whole, providing you with individualized treatment for your  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs. 

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