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Menstrual Nutrition

Virtual one-to-one nutrition counselling for women who want to reclaim their health, have regular symptomless cycles and vibrant energy.


Are you

  • Frustrated with your painful irregular periods?

  • Tired of being told that everything is fine, when you know deep down that it is not?

  • Struggling to lose weight despite trying all the things?

  • Feeling anxious, moody or exhausted?

  • Frustrated with fertility struggles?

  • Newly diagnosed with Endometriosis or PCOS and wanting support moving forward? 

  • Uncomfortably bloated all the time, no matter what you eat?

  • Sick of those skin issues that just won't quit?

  • Just not feeling like yourself? 

If so, a hormonal imbalance may be at play! But you don't have to suffer and 'just deal' with these symptoms as a woman. You deserve better. By identifying YOUR root cause and addressing them with simple science- backed nutrition and lifestyle strategies. 

Holistic Nutrition
Nutrition for Women

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I help women balance their hormones, naturally to finally get rid of those frustrating hormonal symptoms interfering with their life! I use a holistic approach to identify the root cause behind your main concerns and create a step-by step guide that is realistic and specific to you!

It is time to feel heard, fully supported and in control of your health!   I've been where you are so I know how overwhelming all of this can be. When you work with me, I will help guide you step by step through the entire process


Ways We Can Work Together

There are three ways to work with me. 

to discuss what is best for you. 

One-to-One Care

Start here if you are interested in seeing Julianne (R.H.N) virtually for a one-on -one consultation

One on One Nutrition Consultations
Meal Prep, Meal Planning, Health Eating

Custom Nutrition Program

A wellness program built just-for-you! This 3 month program is perfect for those who want more one-on-one support and are serious about executing on their health goals

Mend Your
Menstrual Cycle Course

Coming soon! Reconnect with your natural rhythm and flow as you guide your body towards healthy, pain-free periods in this self-paced online course. 

Menstrual Cycle
Meal Prep, Meal Planning Help

 My 5 Top
Meal Prep Tips

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